11 May, 2021 In Conversation with Aerin Lauder We sit down with Aerin Lauder, director of Estée Lauder and founder of AERIN to discover more about the best-selling Amber Musk scent, now available as a gift with purchase for all Mode Society Members this month.

mode sportif aerin lauder

DSO: Aerin, can you tell us a bit about the Amber Musk scent, what is it reminiscent of for you?


AL: Amber Musk is all about a cozy moment, a scent that you want to wrap yourself in. There is nothing better than being home on a warm winter day – making a fire, or just getting under a blanket and reading a book or a magazine. Amber Musk blends rich florals, distinctive amber and creamy musk. We created a beautiful blend of ambrox and other elements such as coconut water, rose and musk for an unforgettable fragrance signature unlike any other. It's rich, warm and inviting.


DSO: How would you describe your personal style? Which AERIN fragrance is most reflective of this?


AL: My personal style is effortless, feminine and chic. I believe in having a fragrance wardrobe so you can choose your mood, feeling, and occasion. Estée always said you wouldn't wear the same dress to play tennis and go out to dinner so why would you wear the same fragrance.

mode sportif aerin lauder

DSO: What are your indispensable picks from Mode Sportif this season?


AL: Blazers are an essential piece in your wardrobe. I’ve been wearing Blazé Milano for many years, so I’m excited to see a few of their blazers on Mode. I also like STAUD and RIXO for pretty summer dresses that can take you through the fall season.


DSO: How will you be wearing them with the AERIN Amber Musk scent?


AL: My favourite tip with Amber Musk is to mist a bit of the fragrance onto a hairbrush and then brush through you hair; this leaves a soft but lovely impression.


DSO: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a new scent?


AL: Fragrance is a personal expression – women can choose their favourite to wear or change it up daily. When choosing a new scent, find something that has a special meaning – something that evokes personal memories and emotions.

mode sportif aerin lauder

mode sportif aerin lauder

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