27 October, 2020 In conversation with Deiji Studios founders, Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson Get to know the design duo behind Byron Bay-based linen loungewear label, Deiji Studios.

mode sportif deiji studios

DSO: Tell us a bit about how Deiji Studios came to fruition?


JH & EN: We launched Deiji Studios 4 years ago in the chaos of becoming mothers for the first and again for the second time. We started with designing a small drop of bedding, organically we added Sleepwear/Loungewear to our collection.


The 01 and 03 set were our first designs and now our signature Deiji styles. Embracing slow fashion, we wanted to create more than just clothing, our intent was to create comfortable chic pieces that would be worn any time of the day and night, trans-seasonal styles that would be in your wardrobe for years to come.


DSO: In what ways do you feel being based in Byron Bay, a place so rich in incredibly beautiful nature, has impacted the way you view fashion production and the importance of the quality of raw materials used?


JH & EN: We try to live as organically as possible, from what we put in our bodies and our skin, we are extremely lucky we are based here. The amazing local produce, along with the sea and sun and laid back lifestyle has had an impact on how we design.


Our collection is designed with a growing list of natural fibers- linens, silks, bamboo and organic cotton thus far, we have Oeko-tex certification on all fabrics used. These fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic and have anti-bacterial properties, making them highly breathable and even more importantly, they are 100% biodegradable.


We also do know how fortunate we are where we live, we work closely with our factories in China motivating them to enrich the lives of those who work on our garments, and their local communities. We care about them on a personal level and their health and wealth and happiness matters to us. On a recent visit we learnt many women are forced to move from their hometowns into the city to find work, leaving their children behind with grandparents. This broke our hearts - as mothers we understood the gravity of this decision. We then began to work with one of our factories to set up in rural China, assisting in keeping families together at home.


DSO: What are your top 3 favourite ways to wear Deiji? Both in and out of the house.


JH: I would say my favourite would be wearing our Deiji to bed, rolling straight out and throwing on some swimwear underneath - grabbing a matcha and heading straight to the beach for a dip in the ocean before work.


EN: Definitely love heading to work in my Deiji – its amazing to feel comfortable at the office, while still being able to look work appropriate. I also like to play with different ways of wearing the sets back with daywear for an effortless, casual look.


JH: Winter time at work would be the 01 set pant with an oversized cashmere knit, sandals a large tote, for an oversized comfort yet chic look.


DSO: Where do you draw your style inspiration from? Are there any artists, public figures or other muses that you particularly admire?


JH & EN: We love all things eclectic, which might sound strange for a minimal brand! Interiors never cease to inspire us – beautiful lamps, chairs, and original artworks. Anything raw, authentic and unique – we try to bring these elements into the way we design our clothing as well as the bedding.


DSO: What are your summer wardrobe essentials? Any style tips for keeping keeping chic in the heat?


JH & EN: The 03 set is a must for summertime, the Je Ne Sais Quoi ease of dressing, with minimal black swimwear underneath and a large bag accompanied with of course a big bottle of water and plenty of sunscreen.


DSO: What is your favourite piece from the Mode Edit? How would you style it? 


JH: My favourite would be wearing the 02 Oatmeal robe as a covering for the beach with minimal back swimwear, my robe now is always salty from wearing it over my wet swimwear, it definitely now has a well worn in look and but that makes me love it even more.


EN: I love the robe too! But I probably get the most wear out of my 03 set… pairing the shirt or the shorts separately back with a simple rib singlet and sandals. Depending on the season I gravitate towards different colour combos of each.

mode sportif deiji studios

mode sportif deiji studios

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