11 February, 2021 In conversation with Duda Teixeira & Cristina Mantilla We sat down with Duda Teixeira & Cristina Mantilla, co-founders of LA-based contemporary jewellery label éliou. Recently seen on the likes of Candice Swanepoel, Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid just to name a few... This is the playful jewellery brand you need on your radar.

DSO: Tell us a bit about how éliou came to fruition?


DT & CM: We’ve been best friends since we were seven years old and really, creative partners since then too. In 2015 we started a creative agency and were working as art directors and stylists and set designers. We’ve always had a proclivity to design and learn different skill sets, making jewelry started out as an extension of that. Working with our hands is something we were always doing for fun, for ourselves. Pretty quickly the hobby took over the day job and we eventually realized that we needed to flip the focus and take éliou a bit more seriously. And now we’re here.


DSO: How did your previous experience working in a creative industry influence your business?

DT & CM: Our aesthetic always leaned heavily on customizing things for our clients. Whether it was building a backdrop, making a mood board, or designing a custom show, our instinct is to get crafty, to create a vision first and then work out the mechanics after. We use that skill everyday as we conceptualize and then figure out how to build our pieces for éliou.

DSO: Where do you draw your style inspiration from? Are there any artists, public figures or other muses that you particularly admire?

DT & CM: Athena Calderone, Gustaf Westman, Pernille Teisbaek, Hanna MW, Blanca Miro, India Mahdavi, Maja Wyh, Charlotte Perriand, Pina Bausch, Matisse, Jeffrey Graetsch, Frida Kahlo.

DSO: Tell us a bit about your design process. How do you approach a new piece or a collection?

DT & CM: Typically, we’re very inspired by travel. Discovering the architecture, culture, and augmented colours of a new place. Our design process is very collaborative, it starts with one of us tinkering with something, then the other building on the concept by giving a spark of an idea. We tweak and work back and forth like that. Nearly every piece we produce goes through that process where we both take part in the design, and that goes all the way back to our life pre-jewelry design as well.

DSO: Who have you been most excited to see wearing éliou?

 DT & CM: It was very exciting to see Harry Styles incorporate our pieces into both his everyday life and his music videos, of course. Particularly because we see éliou as something that anyone can wear and it’s really cool to see him, in his own way, bring our vision of the brand to life. We were also really excited to see Bo Carney, the cofounder of Mohawk General Store in LA, someone who’s eye we really admire, wear éliou.

DSO: What is your favourite piece from the Mode Edit? How would you style it? 

DT & CM: The Paxi is a true éliou classic, it’s a style that’s been with us from the beginning and we still love it just as much. It makes us think of being on vacation, so we’d suggest styling it with a swimsuit, a sarong in a muted colour, an oversized button down shirt and a towel thrown over your shoulders. And sunscreen.

mode sportif eliou

mode sportif eliou

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