14 October, 2021 In Conversation with Kate & Asya, founders of Sleeper

The latest collection by Sleeper just landed online. Discover more about the world of the Ukrainian brand, and why you need their pieces in your wardrobe this summer...

DSO: Tell us a bit about your journey in starting Sleeper. What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Kate: Back on Christmas Eve of 2013, we were watching “Curly Sue” with our friends, and Kelly Lynch, who played Grey Ellison, was wearing a striped robe during one of the scenes. Asya and I exchanged glances, and simultaneously decided that was a truly cool look.”

Asya: “That night, Kate had a dream where she was standing in the middle of a pajama factory. In the morning, she called me with the proposal of starting a homewear company. Within a week I accepted the idea, but suggested creating walking sleepwear garments and not just homewear clothes. Six months later Sleeper launched its first collection. Two months after then editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy, Franca Sozzani, named Sleeper the brand of the month. Ever since then, Christmas is Sleeper’s favorite time of the year”.


DSO: What are your top 3 ways to wear Sleeper? Both in and out of the house…

Kate: “I adore wearing The Sizeless Viscose Pajamas Set in  Black Very often I combine the pants from the set with a white office shirt, throw on an oversize jacket, add a pair of comfy flats and some accessories such as a cool necklace or earrings. Alternatively,I style the top with cycling shorts or tie the shirt’s hems at the waist and wear it with my favorite pair of jeans.”

Asya: “I absolutely agree with Kate, the Sizeless Viscose PJ’s style is so versatile. My favorite color is Pink. I love wearing it at home, the silky feel of the fabric makes you feel so elevated when you do your house chores. Especially now, as a new mom, it is so important for me to dress really fast but still look good.


DSO: All OF your collections are designed in your Kyiv atelier. Can you tell us a bit more about your approach to production and community? 

Asya: “We produce locally. Our brand atelier is based in Kyiv in the same space where the headquarters are, so we can supervise the quality of each seam, share the news and maintain close and warm relations with the team. Our pieces are hand-crafted by artisans with the minimal involvement of machinery, thereby allowing us to reduce carbon emissions. For us, it's important that our garments are made to be as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Kate: “We have more than a factory, as the production team is a true part of the entire Sleeper family. Our team consists of women and men of different ages. Some of them have 30 years of work experience, and some joined as college interns. It is of the utmost importance for us to ensure good working conditions. We keep our workplaces safe, offer competitive salaries, formal employment, paid vacations and health insurance to all our employees.”


DSO: If you could choose one hero piece from the Mode Edit, which would it be and how would you wear it?

Kate: “Loungewear Dress in Coral is my absolute must-have. I wore it so often this summer! It is as perfect for the beach as it is for a soiree with friends.

Asya: “My hero dress this Summer was the Paloma Linen Dress in white. I think it’s such an amazing style which works perfectly well for wearing both inside and outside.

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