28 August, 2021 In Conversation with Kate Fowler, Model, Mum and Mode Muse Mode Sportif founder, Deborah Symond O'Neil, caught up with model, mum and Mode muse, Kate Fowler to discuss her approach to wellness and beauty.

DSO: What’s your everyday beauty routine?

KF: I wake up my face with a good massage using Emma Lewisham Supernatural Oil Cleanser which drains away puffiness and gets the blood moving and has been a game changer for me. I follow that up with Emma Lewisham's Skin Reset, BYD crème and SkinShield SPF. All this often happens quite piecemeal over the course of the morning!

Chanel ‘Les Beiges’ Eau de Teint provides a beautiful light veil - I love skin to look like skin and flaws don’t bother me too much, I still prefer it to breathe. If I need extra cover I buff in some RMS Concealer or Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is my pick for night. I find blush is such a lifter - The Chanel “Les Essentiels” compact has a great one combined with a concealer and highlighter which really simplifies things and is a constant companion.

DSO: How do you approach wellness and what does that look like to you?

KF: It’s great to see awareness and access to resources around physical and mental wellbeing grow but it can feel overwhelming at times. For me wellness is about tuning into where I am at on any given day and prioritising accordingly - it may just be clearing a backlog of messages or getting through that dreaded laundry pile. 

DSO: What is your favourite Emma Lewisham product and why?

KF: That’s a hard one! SkinReset was the first product I fell for. The skin-feel is HIGHLY addictive - it glides on so smoothly and skin feels instantly very bright and awake, hydrated but not heavy. The results I’ve had at reducing my pigmentation are an added plus. To achieve that without the usual baddies was a revelation to me.

DSO: How has your beauty and wellness routine changed in recent months, now that we are all spending more time at home?

KF: Not that much really, my routine is pretty set and simple now but less makeup means my skin can breathe better - although the benefits of that might be outweighed by the naughty snacking of late! I am doing the occasional treatment that I wouldn’t often get around to - Aotea has a great Manuka face mask and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Hair Mask is keeping my hair together until we can get back to the salon. Koda I’m coming for you!

mode sportif with kate fowler

mode sportif with kate fowler

DSO: What is your definition of beauty?

KF: I think it’s a feeling more than anything. It’s a way of engaging with our surroundings and others - what resonates, what moves and drives us, that feeling of flow and connectedness or a simple joy that gives a sense of meaning beyond purpose. Sure, we can find beauty in physical appearances, but limiting it to that or holding ourselves ransom to it ignores the true power in it. Accessing that takes an attitude of openness - a choice to pause and notice, to embrace and invite it into our sometimes mundane rhythms and find real enrichment in that.

DSO: What products do you always have with you throughout the day and why?

KF: I usually have sunscreen (EL SkinShield SPF) with me for top-ups since we’re often outdoors. But even indoors, I find it’s a great afternoon moisture boost and it has a beautiful opacity that really evens out my skin tone. 

DSO: What skincare advice would you like to pass on to your daughters?

KF: Consistency and simplicity. It sounds boring but there really is no silver bullet - having a great skincare routine is important but it needs to be backed up with a good diet, plenty of water and sleep. Even if you do everything right, the hormones can (and do!) swoop in to ruin it all so perfection shouldn’t be the goal. Sticking to a solid routine that protects rather than aggravates can be a great constant but confidence needs to come from somewhere deeper.

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