9 June, 2020 Introducing Olēnich We are beyond excited to announce the launch of Ukrainian slow-fashion brand Olēnich. Founded by Yana Olēnich, the brand offers perfectly tailored wardrobe essentials, crafted from high quality, eco-leather to support designer’s belief in cruelty-free fashion. Get to know the designer in this exclusive Q&A.

mode sportif olenich

DSO: How did you come to start your brand, Olēnich?


YO: It was my childhood dream to design clothes. Before that, actually, I worked as an interior designer, but at some point I started experimenting in the studio and creating clothes, obviously Outerwear. I worked with stock design fabrics, as it allowed me to get a stunning product with incredible fibre content at a good price. I was selling them in a limited number in Ukraine. Then I decided to try to go out on the international stage in 2018. So I’m just a dreamer, who never gives up.


DSO: What is your brand philosophy?


YO: I imagine coats, trenches and jackets as an protective layer between the most intimate – the body and the environment. Outerwear is the most interactive category of clothes. I focus on tailoring and high quality materials to prove my slow-fashion method in clothes development.


DSO: Can you tell us a bit about the ‘eco-leather’ you use?


YO: Our awesome eco-leather is from China, as you might know they are really the best in this field. Often clients are amazed by the quality of our eco-leather, because they can’t believe that it’s a faux material. We, in our turn, are thrilled to endorse and assume these fashion trends in the world.


DSO: If you could choose one hero piece from the Mode Edit, which would it be and how would you style it?


YO: It’s difficult to make a choice, as the Mode Sportif selection includes all of my most beloved items from the SS20 collection. If I had to choose one piece to style, I'd say the trench coat in almond milk. I would recommend styling with a simple base such as blue jeans and white t-shirt, because it's very self-sufficient due to a lot of details. The long trench coat with cutouts can be supplemented with flared pants with cuts and turtleneck top.


DSO: How would you define your personal style and how is it reflected in your designs?


YO: My personal preferences are clearly visible in all Olēnich collections - this is minimalism, an emphasis on slow fashion, monochrome, and a little bit of the bright accents.

mode sportif olenich

mode sportif olenich

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