22 August, 2019 In conversation with Chloe LouLou de Saison We are so excited to announce LouLou Studio has launched for the first time in Australia, exclusively to Mode! Explore the world of LouLou Studio with an exclusive Q&A with the designer, Chloe LouLou de Saison. 

loulou studio parisian luxury knitwear

We are so excited to announce LouLou Studio has launched for the first time in Australia, exclusively to Mode! LouLou Studio pieces are designed in Paris with love by Chloé Loulou De Saison. Inspired by architecture, art and the city of Paris, Lou Lou Studio offers a range of luxury knitwear that embodies the designers vision of the modern Parisian woman and the certain 'je ne said quoi' they carry in everyday style. Expertly crafted from the finest Mongolian cashmere and Portuguese cotton, LouLou offers 'The perfect basic knit with a twist'. Read below for an exclusive Q & A with La Créatice herself. 


DSO: Tell us a bit about how Loulou Studio came about.
CLS: Loulou Studio started with a desire for pieces that I couldn’t find in the (fashion) industry:  a balance between timeless appeal with quality craftsmanship, at the right price. I wanted to help women around me and design collections that would make them feel comfortable in their everyday life. Comfortable sweaters to be worn with confidence and ease. 

DSO: How has your home-city of Paris influenced your designs at LouLou?
CLS:I was born and raised in Paris.  Regardless of the miles I have accumulated traveling all over the world, Paris is home, and still my greatest inspiration today.  The cultural exposure of the city and its architecture never ceases to inspire me daily.


DSO: How would you describe your latest collection?
Timeless appeal with quality craftsmanship.


DSO: How would you describe your personal style?
CLS: Loulou Studio directly reflects my personal style … my recent collection is timeless without being boring and too familiar. I love to mix trendy pieces with basic ones to create a unique style and balance.


DSO: What do you look for in great knitwear?
CLS: Timeless appeal with quality craftsmanship


DSO: Who are your style icons?
CLS: All women inspire me, especially women today who are confident, strong and elegant yet a bit vulnerable at times. My style icons are Jacky O, Carolyn Bessette, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, and Audrey Hepburn to name a few, yet there are so many more...


DSO: You source your materials from Mongolia and Portugal, are you able to tell us a bit about your suppliers and how you came to work with them?
CLS: My partner and husband has worked in knitwear for 20 years.  It was evident when we teamed up that we would work with the best factories and knit professionals. It was really important to us to work with people who respect the environment and take good care of their employees


DSO: What are your top 3 wardrobe staples?
CLS: With a good cashmere sweater, an oversized blazer, and a pair of vintage Levi’s jeans you can never go wrong.


DSO: If you could pick one essential piece from your latest collection, which would it be? Why?
CLS: The Procida sweater is an essential piece from our latest collection because it’s the one piece that I could wear daily.


DSO: What can we expect to see in the future from Loulou Studios?
CLS: I would love to see a boutique where I could share my vision of Loulou Studio with women and share a wardrobe of versatile pieces from our collection.

chloe loulou de saison designer

chloe loulou de saison designer

loulou studio luxury knitwear

Nele is wearing LouLou Studio Maraone Cashmere Zip Hoodie & Maddalena Cashmere Jogger Pant. She is also wearing the LouLou Studio Murano Cashmere Roll Neck Knit with Nanushka Mitsu Vegan Leather Pant

LOU LOU STUDIO Murano Cashmere Roll Neck Knit in Lilac

Photography: Blake Heywood 

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