15 April, 2022 Introducing Bernadette to Mode Sportif We sat down with Bernadette and Charlotte, founders of Bernadette to celebrate an exclusive launch at Mode Sportif and learn more about the brand's ethos and background.  


DSO:  you are a mother-daughter duo designing bernadette from your studio in antwerp. how did the concept for bernadette come about?

B: After finishing up my internship right after graduating from the Antwerp Fashion Academy, starting BERNADETTE together with my mom felt like a natural step to take. My mom has been working as a buyer for many years, and with the skills and personal taste I have developed over the years, it felt and still feels like it is meant to be.

DSO: What did you both do prior to launching BERNADETTE?

B: My mom has been working as a buyer for Ralph Lauren and others for years. 11 years ago, her passion for knitting turned into a brand named Made by Bernadette. At the time of the launch, I was just starting my fashion degree at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp.

DSO: Botanicals are obviously a major source of inspiration for the collections. Can you tell us why you are drawn to floral and a certain level of colour?

B: Being surrounded by nature and flowers awakens an intense feeling of joy and calmness within us. I think it’s because we have both grown up in a calm village, surrounded by nature. Also a love for colour is in our DNA - everyone in our family has a specific sense of color. For me, it was also my mum who has used so much color in her interior for example. I must have been influenced greatly by all of the colors that have always surrounded me while growing up.


DSO: BERNADETTE is celebrated for a fusion of contemporary silhouettes and painterly prints. Can you tell us a little more about your artwork and design process?

B: We always start our design process after a small break from our daily routines. We usually spend some time in nature, or somewhere quiet. Then we start looking for inspiration, it can be many things, a mood, a photo, a color, etc. I first start developing the prints according to the mood we have gathered together. Then we start researching different silhouettes. My mum and I both love looking at extreme femininity, couture shapes and vintage references. We sketch out the upcoming collection together, and we like to think of different generations. Both my mum and I want to get dressed wearing BERNADETTE for different occasions, which leads to many different shapes and styles.

DSO: You prefer to categorise BERNADETTE as a lifestyle brand more so than just a fashion label, can you tell us a little more about your vision of BERNADETTE as a lifestyle?

B: It’s hard to label BERNADETTE. We love when everything feels organic and comes naturally. The launch of the ceramic tableware and homeware lines came at a point in time where it felt natural to launch for example. BERNADETTE is a universe filled with optimism and fun, and we love that you can start in the morning by wearing one of our slips or robes, grab yourself a BERNADETTE coffee mug, but also end your night with our party dresses. One thing is for sure, and that is that our customer enjoys life to the fullest.



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