7 September, 2022 Introducing Mercedes Castillo to Mode Sportif We sat down with Mercedes Castillo, to celebrate the launch at Mode Sportif and learn more about the brand's ethos and background.  



DSO:  You were born and raised in Spain, studied in Milan, and your collections are crafted in New York City. How does this global perspective manifest in your designs?

MC: My designs are infused with an appreciation for the arts and crafts thanks to my European background and with the energy of New York City, where I live. I am a woman designing for women like me—with a similar point of view, aesthetic, and lifestyle—and my collections are how we connect. The Mercedes Castillo woman has an international outlook and mindset.

DSO: Mercedes Castillo footwear and accessories collections embrace sculptural elements, evocative colour, and masterful craftsmanship – can you tell me a little about your design inspirations and your relationship with the arts?

MC:My relationship with the arts is visceral. I am a visual person and immediately respond to colour, shape and aesthetics. My love for modern art and architecture, passion for craftsmanship, timeless minimal fashion, as well as my own lifestyle and travels inspire all of our collections and are part of my daily life.



DSO: Your collections exist at the apex of refined minimalism and feminine sensibility – what do you find most compelling, or exciting, about this contrast?

MC: I try to express my idea of a modern woman through my designs. She is strong, confident and celebrates her femininity. You can recognize our designs by their sculptural shapes, as well as by their sumptuous colours and flattering lines. There is a simplicity and ease—which I find modern and very feminine—about everything we do. 


DSO: How would you describe your design process? Is there a ritual to it, or do you adopt a more organic approach?

MC: For me, design is a lifestyle and creating a collection is a truly dynamic process. I am continuously gathering inspiration that I keep in a mood board and a sketchbook. I am constantly developing new ideas and concepts with my team that we may integrate in the collection now or sometimes for later seasons. An art show, a conversation with a friend, a shape or material I find during my travels—they all get pulled together. Then I move from creation and exploration to refinement and editing—making sure that the collection has flows to it, and that it addresses all seasonal needs.


DSO: You have previously said of your work, “I created the brand so that I could help women be their own muse”. Who are your current, or enduring, muses?

MC: I am inspired by women that are smart, unique, and confident. I am drawn to great timeless style as I am to women’s creativity and intellect.



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