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Illuminating Exfoliant Refill Pouch
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Thank you for choosing to purchase an Illuminating Exfoliant refill pouch and keep your packaging in use! Please hold onto your Illuminating Exfoliant bottle - simply purchase a refill pouch, pour it in and send the empty pouch back to Emma Lewisham (using their free returns label) to be recycled through their circularity initiative - Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.

Details By purchasing a refill you are reducing your impact by:

  • 60% less CO2 emissions*
  • 60% less energy**
  • 45% less water**
  • Minimising the 114 billion units of beauty packaging discarded each year***

Emma Lewisham thinks endlessly producing new things instead of using what we have makes zero sense. Why would we extract new things from the ground, use more energy, more water and produce more carbon, when we can use the valuable materials we already have. It also makes zero sense to recycle* things after a single use (using more energy and omitting more carbon) when they are strong enough to last many uses! Sounds silly doesn’t it? Emma Lewisham agrees. It’s time to go circular. Let’s keep our precious resources in circulation and lower our impact together.

Disclaimer - Did you know that even your ‘100% recyclable’ beauty packaging isn’t being recycled through your kerbside collection? Despite being technically recyclable, the economics don’t stack up, so to landfill it goes. This is why Emma Lewisham takes responsibility for all their packaging and partner with specialised recyclers as part of their Beauty Circle initiative.

*Toitū Climate Positive Certification data 2021

***Zero Waste

Reminder: returning your empties back to Emma Lewisham is quick and easy, simply return to your closest retailer.


Carbon number: 0.77kgCO2e/100ml. This means that the carbon dioxide emitted during the production of the Illuminating Exfoliant refill pouch equates to the carbon dioxide responsible for approximately 0.23 litres of Arctic sea ice loss. 

The original Illuminating Exfoliant Carbon Number is 1.68kgCO2e/100ml. By choosing to buy this refill instead of a new bottle, you are reducing your carbon footprint by 60% - equating to the prevention of approximately 0.27 litres of Arctic sea ice loss.


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