4 March, 2020 In conversation with Nikki Campbell & Sophie Coote, co-founders of Australian resort brand SIR Label Discover the dreamy world of SIR Label in an exclusive Q&A with co-founders Nikki Campbell & Sophie Coote.

mode sportif sir 

DSO: You launched the brand as housemates, what was behind this decision and how did it come to fruition?


NC & SC: We had lived together previously, and Sophie was living overseas styling in the US and moved home at a point when I was also between positions. We had always wanted to do something together so decided to travel together for a month, during this time our capsule collection was designed & developed… the rest is history.


DSO: In what ways have you felt your roots as friends has impacted your work partnership?


NC & SC: For a number of years when the business began, we were living with each other, sharing a bedroom even, so being friends definitely helped this. It has also meant we have always remained honest, when we disagree, we are quick to voice it and quick to move on. Our relationship as friends and business partners have both grown together.


DSO: How did your respective experience in the fashion industry influence the evolution of SIR?


NC & SC: We both had a number of years’ experience working across various facets of the fashion industry. This breadth of experience definitely helped us understand and learn all areas of the business.


DSO: What elements of your individual style and personalities are reflected in your label?


NC & SC: We have very similar aesthetic and dress quite minimally day to day but also love dressing up for an occasion. There are different parts of each collection that reflect both of our style.


DSO: In what ways have being based in Sydney and the Australian lifestyle influenced the brand over the years?


NC & SC: SIR is a summer resort brand, influenced by our coastal upbringing and laid back quintessentially Australian lifestyle. It is also a key reason the brand has been so well received overseas. Australians are known for how often they travel, and our collections embody this. SIR pieces are essential to every holiday wardrobe.


DSO: Sustainability is a key talking point in fashion circles at the moment. Renowned for pieces transcending seasonal trends, what does sustainability mean to SIR?


NC & SC: Sustainability is a huge focus for us here at SIR moving forward. Whilst we are definitely not perfect, we are on track toward a strong sustainability program for 2020 and beyond. We work only with natural fabrications and have since conception; our factories are all ethically tested and family run. We are working across all levels of the business to implement long term sustainability plans. It is extremely important to us, especially after the summer we have just had here in Australia.


DSO: As female designers, do you feel as though you can carry important messages through fashion and design?


NC & SC: Absolutely, as female business owners and designers, we work to empower fellow women in our community. It is so inspiring to see so many amazing female Australian designers that are making such huge waves, not just locally but globally.


DSO: How have you remained true to the brand’s aesthetic as it continues to grow in popularity on an international scale?


NC & SC: We have always kept a portion of our collection true to our signature SIR girl. There will always be a linen element to the brand, which is what we originally launched into the market with. Whilst our customer grows with us, there are still pieces in each collection that were originally launched with the first capsule!


DSO: If you could choose one hero piece from your latest collection, which would it be? And how would you style it?


NC & SC: Anything in the Carmen Print, we are obsessed with it and it works so well dressed both up or down!

 mode sportif sir

mode sportif sir

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