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An Ode to Mothers, with Belinda Smith, founder of St Rose


You have spoken of the influence that being raised in rural Australia has had on your fascination with natural aromatic essences. Can you paint a picture of what it was like growing up amongst native Australia?

I think Australians have a deep appreciation for the natural world growing up in such a rugged and beautiful country. From the beaches to the mountain ranges, there is no other landscape in my mind that rivals Australia’s beauty. It’s home to such wild and equally unique flora and those sights and smells are deeply etched in my childhood memories. I count myself very lucky for the time I spent living in the countryside of New South Wales, being able to throw open the backdoor to a vast and endless natural playground. There are so many but gum leaves, frangipani, lemon myrtle, wattle, and mandarin are some of the most transportive scents from childhood for me.

St Rose communicates ideas of luxury and wellness, with a focus on sustainability. Can you speak to your approach in creating smooth fragrances, rooted in eco-consciousness?

Our eco-conscious philosophy is rooted in everything, in fact ST. ROSE, is named for the patron saint of gardeners and inspired to create in harmony with the Earth. Our natural compositions are crafted with the highest-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients to deliver luxurious, long-wearing and the most cleanly formulated perfumed products possible.

From seed to bottle, we remain vigilant to ensure that every single essence brought onto our perfumers’ palette adheres to our stringent guidelines for human and environmental health.

Every ingredient we use is ethically harvested, organic when possible, and sourced from its native region for the purest quality and minimal environmental stress.

We believe in the critical importance of transparency in an underregulated beauty industry and proudly bare all by sharing every ingredient in our fine fragrance and candle compositions.
As a 1% for the Planet business ST. ROSE is committed to giving towards species protection and conservation projects worldwide, donating a fixed amount from each product sold. Right now our focus is working with reforestation projects.




When it comes to selecting a fragrance for our mums or mother-figures this mother's day, what should we keep in mind when gifting a St Rose perfume?

I love a gift of fragrance. Truly a prezzie that keeps giving as scent is closely tied to both memories and emotions. Our perfumes are composed with over 97% natural ingredients and these essences from plants and flowers have long been used for their uplifting, grounding, and healing properties making perfume an everyday indulgence to simultaneously feel a little more luxurious or put together while also more energetically balanced.


What do you think is important when creating a successful balance between entrepreneurship and dedicating time to being a parent?

As the mum of a 2-year-old and with one on the way I’d have to say it’s important to remember that parenting is a journey, and some days won’t feel successful at all. I’ve confided with a resounding sentiment of ‘feeling seen and understood’ from other mums that
I found the pull of wanting to ‘do it all’ and give 100% of myself to both my family and to my business/career as a failing pursuit. Always feeling that I am somehow dropping the ball, missing important moments, and just plain falling short. It took me the better part of two years after giving birth to my son to offer myself more grace and to really lean into my business and home villages for support. Mums are superhumans but no has it all figured out and no one can ‘do it all’. While you can’t do everything amazingly every single day, you can do some things well one day and other things well the next.
So, to all mums out there, especially new mums, be gentle on yourself. Shower (or at least spray on some perfume). Go on a date with your partner. Get your hair done and get back to your Pilates class even if you must get a sitter. Meet friends for brunch. Get back to a version of life that feels like you. It makes us better mums and a better version of ourselves – so that maybe we can find ‘balance’ after all.



How has the advice shared with you from your mother and/or grandmother shaped your approach to style?

First, to never underestimate the power of a great lippy. Even on a sick day you won’t catch my mum without a healthy amount of jewelry and a fabulous lipstick to set the tone for the day. Second, that less but better is always more. I learned early on from my mum to always check the care tag or composition details before allowing myself to fall in love with an item. That organic fibers would be easier to care for and age the best. I continue to become more of an intentional shopper by investing in a few classic and well-made pieces for my wardrobe each season.




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