20 December, 2022 In Conversation with Borgo de Nor We sat down with Carmen and Joana, founders of Borgo de Nor, to learn more about their brand, inspiration and approach to design.


DSO: You both worked across different sectors of the fashion industry before launching Borgo de Nor. In what ways did this experience help prepare you to bring your own collections to life?


JN: Having looked after B2B sales in-house for a few UK and International brands as well as having founded and managed a multi-brand showroom, I have been very fortunate to work for many years with some of the best stores and retail partners in the World. This has given me the insight into what buyers are looking for, how they work and what strategies best work for brands. I also gained valuable knowledge in regards to pricing and margins in order to drive a successful and profitable business.


CB: I think both of our experiences helped us enormously when we launched our brand. I worked at fashion magazines in both NY and London for over a decade, had the incredible opportunity to consult with many talented designers and brands, and also worked in the dynamic and multifaceted world of e-commerce. Looking back, all these experiences were the stepping stones that led me to create and launch Borgo De Nor with Joana. Our skill sets are extremely compatible and complementary and when we met it made complete sense to join forces.


DSO: Borgo de Nor is synonymous with feel-good yet elegant dresses. What do you love most about this particular garment?


JN: How it makes me feel. Happy, comfortable in my skin, confident, driven and proud of what we have achieved for ourselves as well as for all the beautiful women out there who wear our dresses and inspire us every day with their energy, determination and flare to continue doing what we do.


CB: In the office we always talk about our dresses as characters . We ask questions such as “ where is she going? ” “How does she feel ?” , "What is her purpose ?” Ultimately our goal is to create versatile dresses that make you feel incredible and empowered. To me, there is nothing more fun than slipping on a joyful dress on a grey rainy day or choosing a colourful print that matches your happiness.




DSO: Florals play a prominent role in your collections - what are your top styling tips for floral prints in the warmer seasons?


CB: As a designer, I love to pair our florals with something unexpected. I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, so I enjoy styling up my dresses with something a bit more masculine or edgier, whether it be a cool piece of jewellery like chunky necklaces and chains, to vintage trainers or flatforms. I like to take the romance out of my florals just a bit and make the look more urban and modern. For evening, however, I always love a little bit of gold and glamour; strappy gold flats or stilettos never disappoint and I love a statement earring.


JN: I feel like our dresses in the summer do all the talking and need very little accessorising or styling, but a great belt, custom jewellery or a heeled sandal could compliment them beautifully.



DSO: Your pieces seem to transcend demographics, and appeal to women of all ages. Why was it important to you to design collections that were inclusive in this way?


CB: When we launched the brand, Joana and I spoke extensively about the women that inspired us, they were from all over the world and of all ages… We see beauty and strength in all women and because we want to create dresses that can be worn over and over again, our desire is that our designs appeal to all demographics. We hope to bring a little bit of joy to everyone and the creative process is so much fun when we have this in mind. We see our customers as a beautiful diverse community of women that are friends and inspire each other.


JN: I would go as far as saying inclusive in every way. We design for women who like to feel pretty, no matter what age, origin or size.



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