13 July, 2022 Introducing Beare Park to Mode Sportif We sat down with Gabriella Pereira,founder of Beare Park, to celebrate the launch at Mode Sportif and learn more about the brand's ethos and background.  


DSO: We are thrilled to be launching Beare Park at Mode Sportif. Can you tell us how the label started and the ethos behind the brand?

G: I was working in finance prior to starting Beare Park and felt there was a gap in the market for Australian made classic pieces that celebrated craftsmanship and luxurious fabrications at the core. Each piece is made with the joy of dressing in mind.


DSO: The collection is defined by chic silhouettes, classic tailoring and a distinctly Australian approach to luxury – how is the collection informed and can you tell us about your design process?

G:The design process starts by selecting premium fabrications that we source from France, Japan, Italy and New Zealand. From this point my design process is rather selfish in that I make things that I want to wear on high rotation in my personal wardrobe. I love this approach to design because it feels very authentic and I can always be grounded by whether a potential design would make me feel confident and comfortable during my day to day activities as a customer. I feel like our customers have responded so well to this approach.

DSO: The collection and (the Mode edit in particular) features a mix of pieces that seamlessly pair back with one another, for a versatile yet restrained capsule wardrobe. How much of this is intentional, versus inherent in the minimal aesthetic?

G: For me, the joy of dressing is all about the almost instant confidence that washes over you when you’re wearing a good outfit. I enjoy having a tightly edited wardrobe of chic and trendless pieces (that I passionately adore) and that seamlessly pair back with one another so that getting dress is a simple and enjoyable task. We have modeled Beare Park off this concept of a capsule wardrobe of treasured staples, that present a simple yet luxurious approach to dressing. So therefore, this concept is very intentional.


DSO: Beare Park champions inclusivity, can you tell us a little bit about your approach to inclusivity and how you’ve implemented it within your processes?

G: The Beare Park aesthetic is quite androgenous and oversized and I think we wanted to position the brand toward any one of any gender or age who felt confident and powerful in the garments. If you love one of our pieces and you feel great in it, then I feel that piece was made specifically for you.



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